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The Art of Travel - Travel Light Travel Smart

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or thinking of taking your first trip, our unique approach to travel will guide you through researching, planning, prioritizing and booking your next dream vacation.

Learned from years of travel experience, our in depth Travel Skills area will help you Travel Light and Travel Smart.

Our Trip Planner will guide you every step of the way as you create your own personalized travel adventure.

Track your booking details for any activity regardless of where booked.  Access trip details using our Mobile Trip Profile, guiding you through your entire journey; every step of the way.  Share your trip with family & friends allowing them to follow along and interact with you as you travel.
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Actual Trip Examples & The Trip Profile Showcase: See what's possible Actual Trip Examples    Trip Profile Showcase

From simple to complex, the Trip Planner can handle all your trip details.  The Actual Trip Examples page will show you trips we have planned and completed as independent, do-it-your travelers.  The Trip Profile Showcase will give you some examples of what is possible when using the Trip Planner.  Every trip is completely customizable when it comes to setting the information you would like to see in each of your profile views, including Personal, Mobile and Public.
Actual Trip Examples
See actual trips we have planned and completed as independent travelers
France & Switzerland
14 day trip through France, Switzerland's Jungfrau region and Zermatt
10 day trip to Paris including Versailles, the Loire Valley and Mount St. Michaels
Iceland & Europe
15 day trip through Germany's Mosel River Valley, Luxembourg, the Alsace area of France, Salzburg Austria and a stop in Reykjavik Iceland
Trip Planner: Step-by-Step Planning and Booking Details Trip Planner Example    Mobile Trip Profile    My Trips

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Trip Planner Overview
Plan your trip locations, transportation, activities, nights and dates.
Pre-Travel Research
Detailed information helping you research and plan your trip.
Trip Summary
View all your trip details, print your trip, share your trip with others and view your trip on your mobile device.
Step 1: My Trips - Create / Select
Create a new trip or select an existing trip.
Step 2: Trip Details
Begin planning your trip by entering your main trip details.
Step 3: Locations
Continue your trip by entering all the locations you plan to visit.
Step 4: Activities
Enter the activities you are planning for each location including sight seeing, transportation, meals and anything else you would like to see and do.
Step 5: Nights & Departure Date
Set the number of nights at each location and your initial departure date.
Step 6: Manage Booking Priorities
Prioritize and manage when you book your trip activities.
Step 7: Booking Details
Track & edit all your booking details including photos and notes in a single location.
Step 8: Travel Planner
Plan your travel time, transportation, departure and arrival times between locations.

Did You Know...

If you purchased a Pre-packaged Trip, you can still utilize all the features of the Trip Planner, allowing you to access all your travel details using the Mobile Trip Profile.  Simply follow the Trip Planner steps as you normally would, entering your travel details.

Trip Sharing, Tracking and Additional Details

Trip Sharing allows you to share your trip with friends and family.

The Trip Tracker allows you to track the trips of other members that have been shared with you.

View the Trip Cost broken down by location and activity.

View All Trip Activity Photos in a single location or in a Slideshow format.

The Activity Photo Timeline displays all photos that were uploaded to your activities using your mobile device as you traveled.  The display order is based on the upload date and time allowing you to view the photos in trip activity order.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.
-Mark Twain-
Trip Sharing
Manage how you share your public and mobile trip profiles with friends and family.
Trip Tracker
Track the trips of others that have been shared with you.
Trip Cost
View the total cost of your trip, broken down by location and activity
View a slideshow of all your photos you have upload to each activity.
All Trip Activity Photos
View all photos and display properties you have upload to each activity.
Activity Photo Timeline
View the photo timeline for photos you have uploaded to your activities during your trip using your mobile device.
Take Your Trip with You - The Mobile Trip Profile Mobile Trip Profile

Access all your trip details using the Mobile Trip Profile on your Smartphone, guiding you through your entire journey; every step of the way.  There is no need to install another app on your phone, simply access the mobile webpage and logon to view all your trip details.  The interactive Mobile Trip Profile allows you to easily navigate through all your planned activities to view your notes, photos, websites and use GPS Navigation.  Not only will you be guided through your trip but you may post photos directly to your trip activities in real-time creating an Activity Photo Timeline of your entire trip.
Access your Mobile Trip Profile in three simple steps.

1. Using the web browser on your Smartphone, navigate to the site: 

2. Login using your modusTravel Id & Password

3. Select the trip photo to view the Mobile Trip Profile for each trip

You will see a list of all your trips as well as the 'Mobile' trips of other members you are tracking.

Mobile Trip Profile access is a subscription based service but you can try it absolutely Free with our Free Trial.  Read more about our subscription plans on our Mobile Subscriptions page.

Display only the information you want to see in the mobile view

Password protect the mobile view

Share your mobile trip profile with travel companions, family and friends

Post photos to each trip activity in real-time as you travel

Update trip comments for tracking members to see

View comments posted by your Trip Trackers

Display trip, location and activity notes as well as all your booking details

Link to external websites containing valuable trip information and use your phone's built-in GPS Navigation to guide you to your planned activities

With the new Expanded Mobile Trip Profile, you can easily download your entire trip for offline viewing of all your trip details when you do not have mobile service.

Take your travel to the next level by integrating your phone's GPS Navigation with a Wear OS Watch for hands-free navigation.

Not all those who wander are lost.
-J.R.R. Tolkien-
Travel Skills - Tips & Tricks

Our in-depth and detailed travel related Tips & Tricks will help you learn and understand everything you need to know to make the most of your travel adventures.

One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
-Henry Miller-
In-depth travel related topics learned from years of travel experience


Multiple categories of detailed travel related information include Backpacks, Daypacks & Accessories, Packing, Clothing, Photography & Documents, Money, Accommodations, Transportation, Phones, Food & Drink, What to Bring and much more.
Pre-Travel Checklists / Post-Travel - What to do after your trip is complete

Helping you plan your trip, the Pre-Travel Area provides detailed information on multiple topics.

Pre-Travel and Packing Checklists help to ensure that nothing has been overlooked or forgotten.

The journey not the arrival matters.
-T.S. Eliot-
Pre-Travel Checklist
Our Printer-Friendly Pre-Travel Checklist will help you be sure nothing is forgotten before your trip departure.
Travel Packing Checklist
Our Printer-Friendly Packing Checklist provides a list of important items to check off as pack for your trip.
Your trip is complete, now what?
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