Carry-on Checklist
Carry-on bag items checklist for planes, trains and other transportation
The Essentials - Basic List

Mobile Phone
Other Valuables
Charge Cards / Foreign Currency / etc.
Foreign Plug Adaptor - Trains may require an adaptor to be plugged in before you can plug in a USB charging plug
USB Charging Plug - May be required on some trains but most airlines now have a direct USB plug in the seat back
USB Cables - Cables required to plug in your phone and other devices
Reading Glasses / Prescription Glasses
Travel Journal / Pen - Now may be a good time to catch up on any notes you want to write
Travel Pillow
Headphones / Ear Buds - For inflight movies or listening to music on your mobile device
External Battery Backup - Maybe be required for charging your mobile device if no charging ports are available
Hand Sanatizer
Travel Kleenex
Chapstick - It can be dry on long flight, so may come in handy
N95, KN95 or other disposable 3 layer Face Masks - Some locations/countries still require wearing a face mask on public transportation
Ambien, Dramamine or other medication
Advil / Aspirin / Tylenol
Other Travel Essentials

Sleeping Mouth Guard
Brush / Comb
Contacts / Case
Saline Solution
Single Use Eye Drops
Prescription Medications / Documentation
Medical Records
Antacid Tablets (Tums / Pepto-bismol)
Allergy Medicine
Car Navigation such as TomTom