Alert Icons & Definitions  

Alerts can be set for each activity as reminders for various items such as 'Breakfast Included' at your hotel or that you have already 'Paid' for the activity.  Set the alerts when editing an activity on the Activity Details page.
General Alerts: To help identify activities that have Photos, Videos or Checklists created, the following alerts will display.
Symbol Description
Activity has uploaded photos
Activity has uploaded videos
Activity has a checklist

Activity Alert: Each activity can have an alert display next to the activity icon.

You may also insert the 'Alert Code' anywhere in the Pre/Post Trip Activity Notes to display the alert symbol at that location.

For example, inserting (A2) into the text will display

Symbol Alert Code Description
(A1) Important
(A2) Information
(A3) Miscellanous

General Activity Alerts:   You may select various activity alerts to display at the top of the Pre-Trip Activity Notes area.

Additional Taxes/Fees
Already Paid
Baggage Storage
Breakfast Included
Cash Required
Check Date/Time
Check In
City Pass
Dinner Included
Dress Code
Lunch Included
Need to Contact
Need to Pay
Notify Arrival Time
Travel Pass