Once you have completed your Planning & Research and have entered your trip details into the pages of the Trip Builder, you are ready to begin your bookings.

We realize that you may have already made some reservations ahead of time.  If you found a great flight deal and you have already purchased your tickets, simply enter the details into the flight activity you created in the Trip Builder.

Below we have outlined the Booking Process showing that you should first prioritize the activities that require booking.  Once your activities are prioritized, book the highest priority activities first.  After you have made a booking update the activity with the details.  All activity bookings will be made on other websites.  You may also upload photos, add website links to maps and add other information to an activity.  Map links allow you to easily click the icon when viewing your trip using the Mobile Trip Profile to utilizing your phone's GPS Navigation, guiding you to your desired destination.  On your 'My Trips' page, set the information you want to display in your public and mobile trip profiles.  Print a backup copy of your trip to take with you and share your trip with others if required using either the Public and/or Mobile trip profile views.

Activity Booking

As you complete each booking, enter the details into the activity on the Activity Details page.

All activity bookings will be made on other websites.

Set the Booking Status to 'Booked' to reflect the status change for the activity.  The status displays on various pages helping you know which activities are complete and which activities still require booking.

Prioritizing Activity Bookings

For every activity requiring booking, it's important to set the Booking Priority.

See our Booking Priority Page for more information and a detailed example.  In general, high priority items should be booked first as your plans may need to be adjusted should something not be available.

Photos & Maps
On the booking page for each activity, select to upload images to the selected activity.  During your travels, use your mobile device to access the Mobile Trip Profile and select to view your uploaded photos.

Images are a great way to remind you of what something looks like such as the front of your hotel or an important piece of art you don't want to miss.

Although you can save a link directly to an online map, you may want to create your own custom maps with highlighted attractions.  The map can be saved as an image and uploaded to the trip activity.

Read more about Creating Custom Map Images and uploading them to your trip activities.

As you plan your trip and verify your transportation options between each location, the details should be entered into your Trip Builder as a location activity such as 'Train to Paris'.  You may want to add links to schedules or save timetables as images to be uploaded to the activity you have created.

If you have created your trip months in advance, prior to your departure, it's a good idea to review your transportation options one final time as schedules may have changed.  Make updates to your trip profile as required to reflect any changes.

Our Travel Skills Tips & Tricks pages will give you additional details on several transportation topics.

Updating Public & Mobile Trip Profiles
From your My Trips page, configure the information you want to display in the Trip Summary, Public and Mobile Trip Profile views.  You may also enable/disable the profiles as well as set a password that is required for a profile to display.
Sharing Your Trip
See our page on Trip Sharing for more details.
Printing Your Trip
From the Trip Summary page, select the Print Preview link.  From that page, simply print your trip in a nicely formatted version.