Trip Builder - Checklists

Checklist Field Definitions
Clear: Clear or remove the list item
Checked / Unchecked: - Checked item
- Unchecked item
Header: Sets the item to be a header row.  If Header is checked, the Map and Link fields will be cleared.
Color: Sets the color of the item text
#: Each item is numbered to help plan the best order for your activities.  Numbered items will be reset at 1 starting below each new header.
Description: The item description must be entered for it to display.
Map: Set to display the icon linked to Google Maps.

If 'Map' is checked and no Link Override has been entered, the Description text will be used for linking to Google Maps.

If 'Map' is checked and Link Override text has been entered, the Link Override text will be used for Google Maps.

Photos: Set to display the icon linked to Google Photos.

The Description text is always used for linking to Google Photos.

Reorder: - Click and drag to reorder items.  See the Reorder Tip to the right for more details on ordering attractions you plan to visit.

Checklists may contain a list of items or activities you want to accomplish during your trip.  In each of the Pre-Trip Notes areas, in addition to adding comments, it's possible to build a custom checklist of items at the Trip, Location and Activity levels.  Checklist items will display immediately below the Pre-Trip Notes although it is not necessary to enter notes in order to create a checklist.  As each item is completed, it can easily marked or checked off the list using the Mobile Trip Profile.

Items can be grouped together by setting header rows and color coding.  If your checklist contains items representing a location, you can easily add a Google Map Link (Short Format) or simply click the Map checkbox to link the Description text to Google Maps and Google Photos.  Click the icon to use your phone's GPS Navigation to guide you to the destination or click the icon to view photos.

Items may also be reordered by clicking and dragging the icon.

Sample Checklist Display
Visit Museums in Paris
1:     Visit the Louvre
2: Rodin Gardens
Other fun things to do
1: Notre Dame Bell Tower
2:     Street vendor crepes

Reorder Tip: If your checklist contains attractions you plan to visit at a location, arrange them from top to bottom in the order you want to visit them.  (Use Google Maps to determine the location and your best route for visiting each attraction) As you visit each place, check it off then select the map icon for the next place.  If you have ordered your items correctly, you will save time by visiting the next closest location and avoid running back and forth across town.

See our Ordering Activities & Checklists page for more information.

Location & Activity Web Links

When you create a web link at the 'Location' or 'Activity' level, if you only enter text for the attractions, such as 'Eiffel Tower', the related location city and country will be used along with the entered text to create the links to Google Maps and Google Photos.

Trip Level Booking Activity & Checklist Web Links

If a checklist is created at the 'Trip' level, only the entered description text will be used for linking to Google Maps.  If you want to use the map functionality at the Trip Level, your text may need to include city and country in the description, helping to identify the location.  For example: 'Eiffel Tower Paris France'.

In this example, the following checklist will display for the configuration shown above.  As you travel and use the Mobile Trip Profile, you will be able to quickly and easily toggle the checked status of each item simply by clicking on the and indicators.

Clicking will start GPS Navigation for the selected item and will display photos.