For the Traveler - What We Do

modusTravel was created from years of travel experience for the independent, do-it-yourself traveler.  The traveler who wants to create their own personal and custom travel adventure, preferring to venture out on their own to discover new and exciting places.  These travelers research and book on their own, often on many different website locations.


You will find a myriad of travel websites and phone apps designed to help you find flights, hotels, rental cars, excursions and other touristy activities.  Our goal is not to recreate the wheel by offering the same information found on other sites.  The independent traveler knows that to create a personalized trip with unique activities, it may require research and booking on many different websites.  It would be impossible to create a comprehensive website that offers everything possible when it comes to trip activities.  Others may provide packaged deals that include several different activities, but they often try to squeeze too much into too little time.  With pre-packaged vacations, you may be so rushed for time that you never get to truly experience a destination.  Sure, you can say you have been somewhere, but did you truly experience it?

Book Anywhere You Want

Start by researching where you want to go and what you want to do, creating your own personalized dream vacation exactly how you want it.  With our Trip Builder, you can update your trip over time.  You may start building your trip months before your initial travel date and continually updating your activities prior to your departure.

Planning a trip, especially one having multiple destinations and activities over several days can take time, but this is part of the fun.  Unlike purchasing a pre-packaged vacation from an agency where you are locked into an itinerary and schedule, this is your trip, so you can adjust it however you like.

Using our website, you can build a trip skeleton where you gradually fill in the details.  You will start by entering the locations you would like to visit and your planned activities at each location.  When you finally begin your bookings, simply update the details for each activity.  You may enter booking information, links to websites, photos and videos.

Once your trip is created, we do the work for you, connecting your locations and activities to Google for various navigation functionality, location news and location photos.

It doesn't matter where you book your activities, everything can be tracked in the Trip Builder and accessed using the Mobile Trip Profile

Start by Planning your trip.  Write out everywhere you would like to go and everything you would like to do.  This is the starting point before building your trip in the Trip Builder.
As you make your bookings, fill in the details for each of your activities.  See our Trip Builder Overview and Trip Builder Example for more details.  All your trip details can then be access using the Mobile Trip Profile.