Mobile Subscriptions

After your have built your trip, the real power is in the ability to access all your trip information during your travels on your Smartphone using our Mobile Trip Profile.  The mobile features will guide you through all your planned activities every step of the way.

Having a Mobile Subscription allows you to take your trip with you on your mobile device, accessing all your activity information including booking details, notes, photos, web and navigation links.  You will also be able to upload photos to each trip activity using the profile and other tracking members will be able to view the photos should photo sharing be enabled for the trip.

*** No Advertising while using the Mobile Trip Profile ***

This is not an app but rather specially formatted pages designed to be viewed on your Smartphone.  There is nothing to download.  Simply navigate to the 'Mobile' website address shown below and login using your account Id and Password.  Accessing the mobile services requires an active subscription plan.

*** Try the Mobile Trip Profile for Free ***

Once you have verified your email address, created a trip or multiple trips and are ready to access your trip information on your mobile device, activate your Free Trial.  The trail period is single use and valid for 7 consecutive days of mobile access.  Simply 'Activate' the Free Trial on your My Account page.  You will be asked to confirm your selection prior to activation.

Should you decide to purchase a subscription prior to activating your Free Trial, you will no longer have the option to activate the trial in the future.

Term Cost Savings
7 Days Free Trial N/A
1 Year $9.99 N/A
2 Years $17.98 $2.00
3 Years $24.97 $5.00

To purchase a Mobile Subscription, logon and select your 'My Account' link.  On your 'My Account' page, select the link 'Shop Items & Services' where you will be able to choose several subscription options.

If you have days left on your current subscription, they will be added to the subscription term you have selected to purchase so you will not lose any days.

All transactions are completed securely via PayPal.  We do not store any personal information other than basic transaction information such as the amount, transaction number and associated email.  If you have remaining days on a current subscription and you purchase an additional subscription, the remaining days will be added to the new subscription plan.

Be sure your Mobile Subscription covers the entire length of your trip.  On your My Account page, you can quickly view your subscription end date, days remaining and purchase history.

Read more about the Mobile Trip Profile

To access your trips as well as the Mobile Trip Profiles of other member's trips you may be tracking, follow the steps below using your Smartphone.

1. Using the web browser on your Smartphone, navigate to the following site or scan the QR Code:

eTripCafe Mobile

2. Login using your eTripCafe Id & Password

3. Select the trip photo to view the Mobile Trip Profile for each trip

Once your Free Trail or Mobile Subscription has been activated, click the mobile link to view the Mobile Trip Profile in your web browser, just as you would on your phone.  Read More