The modusTravel Name & Logo

modusTravel - The Art of Travel
Modus - From Latin, meaning the way in which something is done
modusTravel - The way to travel
Art - The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination

The Art of Travel

Getting travel down to an art, or becoming highly proficient at travel through practice and experience

The Gecko

Why the gecko?  Why not?  Geckos are travelers.  They show up, hang out, then disappear off to some new adventure.  Traditionally seeing a gecko would mean good luck.  Geckos seem to be quite good at selling insurance and besides, who doesn't love a gecko?

Some Gecko Superstition

Many people worldwide regard the friendly gecko as the guardian of the home.

In Ancient Greece and Rome lizards symbolized wisdom and good fortune.

In Ancient Rome images of lizards could be found on gravestones and represented hope and a good life after death.

Their ability to discard and re-grow the tail represents renewal.

In Ancient Egypt the lizard symbol in their hieroglyphic meant 'plentiful' or 'abundant'.

Geckos were linked to productiveness in Ancient Egypt.

The Spanish and Portuguese may put a d├ęcor of a lizard or gecko on the wall of their home to attract good luck.  (They seem to be more popular as a good luck symbol than the horseshoe)

Charms in the shape of lizards are worn to bring good luck.

It is considered very lucky for pregnant women to see a lizard.  Seeing a gecko or any other kind of lizard foretells that her child will live a long and contented life.

In many places in Europe they believed lizards protected people and animals against snakes. That is the reason an image of a lizard may found in old stables.