Mobile Trip Profile - Activity Photo Upload

When an activity has been expanded to display the booking details and icon list, the icon may be selected to upload a photo to the activity.  (The option to display Photos or Photos & Comments must be enabled in the Mobile Trip Profile for the photo upload icon to display)  Selecting the icon will redirected you to a standard image upload page where you can select a photo from your gallery or use the camera to take a new photo to be uploaded.  Once a photo has been uploaded to an activity, you will automatically be redirected back to the activity where the photo will display.  The photo will also be available to members tracking the trip when using the mobile view. 

Select 'Browse...' just as you would when uploading a photo to a website.  Once a file is selected, select 'Upload' to complete the process or 'Cancel/Return' to return to the activity.  The photo selection process may be slightly different depending on your phone, but is should work something like this.  You should be give the option to select a photo from your photo gallery on your phone or select the camera to take a new photo to be uploaded.

When photos are uploaded to trip activities using your mobile device, they will be flagged as a timeline photo.  Select the icon to display the Activity Photo Timeline.  Photos uploaded to activities using the website are not included in the Timeline.

Expanded Location/Activity Activity Photo Upload
Expanded activity for a location showing the Booking Details and the photo upload icon. Standard photo upload screen where you may browse to an existing photo or take a new photo using your Smartphone to be uploaded to the activity.