Mobile Trip Profile - Expanded (Alternate display, useful for download and offline viewing)

The Mobile Trip Profile - Expanded view displays the entire trip in a new browser window with all the details fully expanded.

Although the expanded view can be used to easily navigate the entire trip, the purpose is for downloading your entire trip to your Smartphone providing a backup copy and access to all your trip details when you do not have mobile service or an internet connection.

Selected Trip - Normal View Full Trip Expanded View All Details Sample Display
When a trip has been selected, select the icon to show the Full Trip Expanded View. The Full Trip Expanded View shows the Jump to Locations menu at the top and the icon to return to the normal view.  Locations matching the current date will be highlighted. Scrolling doScrolling down in the Expanded View shows all details for each location and activity including notes, checklists and photos.

In this view, the icon can be selected to quickly advance to the next location or activity in the trip.

A detailed description of the icon definations and functions can be found on the following pages
Mobile Trip Profile - Overview and Mobile Functions at a Glance

The following example is for Android but works similar using iPhone or other devices.

Downloading the expanded trip view page

When viewing the expanded trip view page, you should have some type of drop down menu option such as:

On the dropdown menu display, there should be an option to 'Download' the page or an icon similar to:

Select the download option and the page will be downloaded and saved to your mobile device 'download location'.

Accessing and viewing the downloaded webpage

When viewing any webpage on your Smartphone, you should always have some type of drop down menu option such as:

On the dropdown menu display, there should be an option: 'Downloads' to display a list of all downloaded pages organized by date.

From the list of downloaded pages, click the item you want to view.

The page should display with some type of indicator that you are viewing the page 'Offline'.