Mobile Trip Profile - Enhancement History

As enhancements are made to the mobile application pages, they will be picked up anytime you access the pages on your mobile device.  There is never a need to download and reinstall the application to receive updates.

7 Mar 2021 - Addition of Location and Activity Web Search

The new Web Search icon has been added to display for locations and activities allowing you to quickly view general information about the location or activity.

22 Jan 2021 - Addition of Location Search and Help icons on the logon screen - always available

The Location Search and Help icons will display on the login screen and will always be available, not requiring a user to be logged on, account email verification or an active mobile subscription.

16 Aug 2020 - Activity Enhancement for All Activity Types

Previously, when a Day Trip was selected as the Activity Type, checklist icon links will override the location settings and use the activity title and selected country in the links.  Icons will display for News, Location Map, Location Attraction Search and Photos for the Day Trip location.

This has been enhanced so that any activity type has the option to select an Alternate Country and City to override the location settings.  When an alternate country is selected, the icons and links display as described for the Day Trip activity type.

7 Aug 2020 - Mobile Trip Profile and Print Preview Pages

The icon will continue to take you to the top of the page when selected at the Location Level, but when selected at the Activity Level, will jump back to the related Location.

24 Jul 2020 - Integration with Activity Groups

The mobile trip profile has been integrated with the Activity Group settings to display the activity group highlight color, overriding the standard activity or Day Trip color.  This allows you to easily distinguish all related activities for each trip location.  Activities matching the current day will still be highlighted with the current day highlight color.

Using the Mobile Trip Profile, select the icon at the location level to show/hide the Activity Groups.  This allows you to hide activities of past groups or only display the activities of specific groups at the location.

1 Jul 2020 - Activity Enhancement for Day Trips

When a Day Trip has been selected as the Activity Type, checklist icon links will override the location settings and use the activity title and selected country in the links.  Icons will display for News, Location Map, Location Attraction Search and Photos for the Day Trip location.

27 May 2020 - Removed mobile restrictions

Removed restriction limiting all mobile pages to displaying only on a mobile device.  Removing this restriction allows all mobile pages to display in a web browser as well as a mobile device.  Added Mobile Trip Profile - Web Browser information page.

2 Jan 2020 - Hide tracked trips in mobile trip list

The Trip Tracker has been updated allowing tracked trips to be marked as hidden from display in the mobile trip list.

20 Dec 2019 - Rework of mobile screen icons and update of mobile screens in the website info area

The primary changes were to declutter the main page listing all trips by removing many of the trip level icons.  Now, most of the trip level icons display once a trip has been selected.  Location and Activity levels have also been decluttered by removing the icons so that they only display when a Location or Activity is expanded to show details.

The website mobile screen shots have also been updated to reflect the changes.

17 Nov 2019 - Link to Location News and rework of Trip Summary Icon placement

The icons at the location level of the Trip Summary and Trip Summary Print Preview pages have been repositioned due to the additional features.

You may now select the News Icon at the location level taking you directly to Google News for the selected location.

29 Oct 2019 - Location Search Page

The Location Search page has been enhanced to display the location being searched; either 'Current Location' or the selected Country/City.  In addition to the current map search displaying map markers for the selected activity, you may now select to view photos of the selected activity for the location.

24 Oct 2019 - Rework of links to Trip Summary and Home pages / Trip Summary - Expanded View Enhancements

To simplify navigation links have been added to most pages to return you back to the Homepage or Trip Summary pages.

The Trip Summary - Expanded View now has the capability to mark off Checklist items and update Offline Map Download indicators.

18 Oct 2019 - Addition of Trip Mood and Owner/Tracker Icons to Mobile Trip Summary

The current Trip Mood [,...], Trip Owner and Tracker icons will now display on the Mobile Trip Summary page as they do for each trip on the main mobile page.

27 Aug 2019 - Location Search & Location Map Link

At the location level, select the icon to search for activities for the selected location using the Location Search page.

At the location level, select the icon to link to Google Maps for navigation to the selected location.

2 Aug 2019 - Current Location Search

Select the icon to display the Location Search page search where you may search for activities around your current location.  On the Location Search page, select an activity from the list or enter your own.  Google Maps will display pinpointing the activity you have selected; relative to your current location.

16 Jul 2019 - Activity Photo Timeline - Delete Photos

Added functionality to select and delete Timeline photos from the Activity Photo Timeline page on your mobile device.

21 Jun 2019 - Activity Photo Timeline

When photos are uploaded to trip activities using your mobile device, they are flagged to be included in the Activity Photo Timeline.  Selecting the icon will display only the Timeline.  Photos uploaded to activities using the website are not included in the Timeline.

10 May 2019 - Icon Definitions

On the main mobile page, the icon will display a page allowing you to select each mobile icon to view the functionality definition.

30 Apr 2019 - Travel Planner

The Travel Planner will help you stay organized and on track as you travel.  Access through the icon, this new feature is a valuable part of your trip planning as it allows you to track estimated arrival and departure times, the amount of time you may spend at each location and the travel time and mode between locations.

31 Mar 2019 - Activity Details - Linked Phone Number Field

The Booking Activity Details & Notes page now has a dedicated phone number field.  If a number is entered, the icon will display for selection on your mobile device allowing single click dialing of the number.

29 Mar 2019 - Offline Map Functionality

New functionality has been added to place the map icon on several screens next to the location allowing it to be selected to display a map of the area in Google maps.  Along with this, a new page has been created allowing you to mark any location where you have downloaded a map to be used offline.  The icon will display next to the map icon when you update the location as having an offline map.  This functionality is unique to each traveler.

24 Mar 2019 - Mobile Trip Profile - Expanded

From the Mobile Trip Profile display when a trip is selected, click the icon to display the entire trip fully expanded.

Although the expanded view can be used to easily navigate the entire trip, the purpose is for downloading the entire trip to your Smartphone providing access to all your trip details offline.  Select the Smartphone option to download and save the page so that you have an offline backup copy of your entire trip itinerary; including photos.  Having an offline copy will allow you to access all your trip information without mobile service or an internet connection.

Features of the Expanded view include allowing you to quickly jump to the next location or activity in the trip itinerary.

26 Feb 2019 - Device date sync with trip

By selecting the icon, the page will read the device date and highlight matching locations and activities for the selected trip.

21 Feb 2019 - Quick link icons to swap full trip and current day displays

Added quick link icons and to the full trip display and the current day display to quickly switch between the two displays.

6 Feb 2019 - Current day location/activity quick view icon

Added the icon on the main mobile page for each trip.  Selecting the icon will display only locations having activities on the current day, eliminating the need to scroll through the entire trip.

1 Feb 2019 - Addition of indicator icon for pre-travel notes checklist existing

If a checklist has been created for any of the pre-travel notes areas, a checklist icon will display notifying that a checklist exists at the associated level.

20 Jan 2019 - Research & Booking Quick Links - Edit

Ability to add, update and delete Research & Booking Quick Links.

19 Jan 2019 - Research & Booking Quick Links

The Research & Booking Quick Links page will now display by selecting the world icon from the main page after you have logged in to your account.

26 Dec 2018 - Day Countdown to Trip Start and Active Trip Indicator

Addition of 'Days to Departure' and 'Active Trip' indicator on the main trip page listing all mobile trips.

17 Dec 2018 - Tracking Member Email List Display for Trip Mood/Comment Notifications

The trip mood/comment update page now displays a list of the member's tracking a trip where the trip owner has set the members to receive notifications on mood and comment updates.

21 Nov 2018 - Trip Stats Display

Functionality added to display trip stats for the trip owner by selecting the icon

19 Nov 2018 - Main Trip Display Update

The main page displaying the owner's trips and tracked member trips has been reorganized and updated for a cleaner display showing the trip cover photo, title, date and days.  New icons have been added for single click access to the trip details, comment history, comment updates and the public view.  Additional icons indicate the current trip mood and if the trip is owned or tracked.

11 Nov 2018 - Horizontal Photo Scrolling

The uploaded activity photo count will now display next to the camera icon to expand/hide the photos.  Photo scrolling is now horizontal rather than the previous vertical scroll allowing the activity to remain in place on the screen while only the photos scroll.

20 Oct 2018 - Mobile Checklists

Enhancement to allow each Checklist item to have an associated Google Maps navigation link.

09 Oct 2018 - Mobile Checklists

Enhancements to Pre-Trip Notes at the Trip, Location and Activity levels allowing checklists to be created.  Using the Mobile Trip Profile, you may now easily check off items in the lists as they are completed.

23 Aug 2018 - Post Comments to Tracked Trips

Although it has been possible to post comments to Tracked Trips on the website Trip Tracker page, now the same functionality exists with the mobile view.  For any Tracked trip, if the trip owner has enabled comment posting through Trip Sharing, the tracking member will be allowed to post comments to the trip.

16 Aug 2018 - Display Tracker Messages and Trip History
  • New icon on the main mobile trip page will indicate if new messages have been received from members tracking a trip.  By selecting the icon, all messages and trip history will display.
  • Functionality allowing tracking members to post comments to a trip is now enabled; based by trip owner settings.
13 Jul 2018 - Free Trail

Introduction of a Free Trial period allowing members to test accessing their trip information using their mobile device.  Prior to this, it was only possible to view Mobile Trip Profiles after purchasing a subscription.

12 Jun 2018 - Trip Moods
  • Introduction of Trip Moods allowing the trip owner to set a mood icon and enter a text message that will display for all Trip Trackers
  • Added ability to notify tracking members via email when the trip owner has change the mood or added a text message
07 May 2018 - Activity Photo Upload

Added the ability to upload a photo directly to an activity from a mobile device.

01 Apr 2018 - Introduction of Master Login Page
  • Rather than accessing each trip individually by having the direct mobile profile link, it's now possible to login to a main mobile page that will display all personal and shared mobile trips
  • Added link to Public Profile from main page
11 Mar 2018 - Enhancements

A special Alert Icon was introduced on the booking page giving the ability to flag a booking or text that may require special attention.  This icon was added to the mobile display for flagged activities.

01 Mar 2018 - Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with expanding/hiding icons on the trip activities
  • Change highlight color scheme for current days matching location and activities
15 Feb 2018 - Trip Sharing and Control of Mobile Profile
Introduction of Trip Sharing allowing the mobile trip profile to be shared with other members.  The trip owner controls who is allowed access to the mobile profile.
01 Feb 2018 - Mobile Trips Restricted to Trip Owner
Restricted mobile view to only the trip owner when logged into their mobile device.
01 Jan 2018 - Initial Launch to Public
Initial launch of mobile web page features to the public which were previously private, allowing individual trips to be viewed by anyone having the mobile trip key.