Mobile Trip Profile - Location Search

The Location Search allows you to easily search for activities around your current location or for a selected trip location, making it easy to search in advance at a future destination.  Select an activity from the list or enter your own and Google Maps or Google Photos will display showing the activity you have selected.

You will find the icon located on the main trip display page and for each trip location.

On the Location Search page
Quick link to display Google Maps at the current location (no search)
Display Google Maps with the selected activities pinpointed on the map
Display Google Photos showing photos of the selected activity

The Activity Icons & Definitions are listed allowing you to quickly click an activity to view the search results on Google Maps.  Some of the most popular activities are listed first allowing for quick and easy selection while other less frequently used activities are listed below.  All activity icons listed may not be applicable to your current area, although you may be surprised with the search results returned showing places you were unaware of.

If an activity you are interested in is not listed, you may type it in and select or .

Resetting Google Maps to your current location

Select this icon on Google Maps to reset the map display to your current location.

After you do this, select your phone's back icon to return the the 'Location Search' screen and reselect the activity you are interested.  Google Maps should now display those activities located around your current location.

Location Search Search Results Navigation
Select the activity you are interest in or enter your own activity. Selecting ATM for example will display ATM machines close to our current location. Clicking an ATM location and selecting 'Directions' will begin navigation from your current location.