Mobile Trip Profile - Offline Map Download Tracking

The Offline Map indicator displays on various pages to indicate that you have downloaded a map on your mobile device to be used offline for a location you will be visiting.  The indicator is set manually allowing you to keep track of locations you have downloaded for offline use.

Select the icon to display a map of the location with attractions.  This map icon will display on multiple pages for easy access.  Once the map of the location is displayed, you may save it as an offline map to your mobile device.  Once you have completed downloading a map, return to the main screen and check off the location as being downloaded.  This will set the indicator for display on pages showing locations, indicating an offline map has been downloaded.

To set the offline indicator, click the and icons to toggle the settings and then select 'Update'.

As the downloaded offline maps are unique to each traveler's mobile device, each traveler (Trip Owner and Trip Trackers) are able to set their own indicators for the maps they have downloaded.

For more information on downloading maps to be used offline, see our page: Offline Map Download Help

Main Selected Trip Display Offline Map Tracking
On the display for the selected trip, select the icon for the tracking screen where you may set the indicator for area maps you have downloaded. Track location maps that have been downloaded for use offline when there is little or no mobile service.