Mobile Trip Profile - Trip Comment Checklists

In each of the Pre-Trip Notes areas, in addition to adding notes, a list of checklist items may be created at the Trip, Location and Activity levels.

On your Smartphone, selecting the or will expand the notes area which will also display the checklist if one has been created.  Checklists will display immediately below the Pre-Trip Notes, although you are not required to enter notes for a checklist to display.  If a checklist has been created for any of the Pre-Trip Note areas, the icon will display along with indicating a checklist exists.

The trip owner may update the checklist on their Smartphone to check off items that have been completed.

For more information on creating checklists, see our page Checklist Help.

Checklist with Map Link Updating a Checklist
The and icons indicate a checklist exists.  Selecting either icon will display the notes area along with the checklist.  The icon is linked to map navigation for the Eiffel Tower and the icon is linked to photos. Available to the trip owner, select the 'Update Checklist' link to toggle the status and of each item in the checklist.  When done, select 'Update'.