Mobile Trip Profile - Travel Planner

To help you stay organized and on track, the Travel Planner displays the estimated time you plan to spend at each location as well as the estimated travel time between locations.

Configure the Travel Planner information on the Trip Profile - Travel Planner page.

As your mobile device date and time syncs with your travel dates and times, matching locations will be highlighted.  Based on the date, time and where you are during your travels, a graph will display indicating the amount of time spent and remaining at the current location.  If you are between locations, the graph will display the amount of travel time spent and remaining between locations.

This valuable tool helps to keep you on schedule by reminding you of when you plan to depart each location and how much time you plan to spend at each location.


Time At Location Time Between Locations
Highlighted locations for the current date showing graph and time remaining in York. Highlighted locations for the current date showing graph and travel time remaining between York and Edinburgh.
Color coded vertical bars and dates indicate same day locations.

As you scroll down through your trip, it's easy to distinguish all the locations you will be visiting in a single day.

   Location England York   Highlighted location based on current date  
   Arrival Day

For each location, the icons will display the location map, photos and news.

Wednesday Thursday Departure Day  
   Arrival Date

The icon will take you to the Trip Profile where you may view the location activities

8-May-2019 9-May-2019 Departure Date  
   Planned arrival time

The icon will jump to the top of the page

12:32:00 PM


9:31:00 AM


Departure Time  
   Time at location based on arrival and departure dates/times

The icon will display a map from the current to the next location.

  20h-59m 2.5 Hours Travel Mode and Duration to next location  
Depending on where you are in your travels, a graph will display to show either the time remaining at the current location or the travel time remaining between locations.  Graphs are color coded for % complete (Blue/Orange/Red).  
  Time remaining at the current location.
(T-)3h-31m Remaining time at location and icon to refresh and sync date/time  
  Travel remaining between locations
(T-)1h-30m Remaining time at location and icon to refresh and sync date/time  
   Comment Display comments that may have been entered for the location  
Travel Planner Icon Definitions & Functionality
Location Map Displays Google Maps allowing you to use your phones GPS to navigate to the location
Location Photos Displays Google Photos for the selected location
Location News Displays Google News for the selected location
Trip Profile Display Goes to the Trip Profile display for viewing the activities at the selected location
Top of Page Jump to the top of the page
Route Map Displays Google Maps showing the route between the current location and the next location on the itinerary
Comments Show/hide travel notes (the icon will only display if notes exist for the location)
Date/Time Sync The calendar icon is used to sync the device date and time to the trip allowing the current day's locations and activities will be highlighted.  As we are running specially formatted web pages for mobile viewing and not an actual app, the page may need to be refreshed to reflect the date and time of your physical location.
Activity When building the travel time between locations, you may select the transportation mode such as train, car, etc.