Ordering Activities & Checklists

When you add activities to a location or create a checklist of items, it can be very useful to place these in logical order of how you plan to accomplish them from top to bottom.  Well planned and ordered activities and checklists will save you time and excess travel as you will know exactly what's next on your itinerary and where you should go.

This page shows two examples; the first is an example at the activity level and the second is a checklist example.

On both the Activities and Checklist creation pages, next to each item, simply click and drag the icon up and down to reorder the items.

Activity Order

In this example, we have ordered our activates in logical order.  For example, when we arrive in Paris, our activities are listed with details on taking the train from the airport to our hotel, hotel information, sightseeing information and then our train to Versailles the next day.

Checklist Order

The map below is a Custom Map we created of York England where we have circled the locations of the places we would like to visit.  We have also circled our hotel and the train station where we will arrive.  The map is used to give you the general location of each place.  As the map will not be used for navigation, it's not important that the circled locations be exact.  We will be using the actual checklist and icon for actual navigation.  We have also numbered the loctions in logical order, to minimize the travel time between them.  We now know exactly what we are doing and in what order.

After we created the map, we entered all the locations for York to our checklist shown on the right.  As each checklist item represents a location, we selected the 'Map' box to link it to Google Maps.  Now, all we have to do is click the map icon using the Mobile Trip Profile for the next location in the list we want to visit.  This will also display the icon linked to Google Photos for the location.

See our Custom Maps page for more information on creating your own personal map showing all the locations you plan to visit.

See our Trip Builder: Checklists page for more information on creating checklists.