Trip Alert Icons  

Insert alert icons into your text comments by entering the text codes shown below to display the associated graphic at any location in your text.
Trip Alert Icons are graphics that can be selected for a trip activity or inserted into various text locations allow you to flag activities and specific text as important.

Activity Level Alerts: On the Booking Activity Details page you may set an alert that will display at the header level for the activity.
Alerts in Text: Alerts may be entered into the following text locations:
  • Photo Descriptions
  • Pre and Post Trip Notes
  • Pre and Post Location Notes
  • Pre and Post Activity Notes

An example of when to set an alert may be that you have paid for a hotel room with a specific view at one of your locations.  You could flag the activity and even the text to remind you at check-in to be sure and ask about the room's view.  The indicators display while using the Mobile Trip Profile, so it's easy to see any alerts you may have set.

Inserting Alerts in Text
Symbol Text Description
(A1) Important
(A2) Information
(A3) Miscellanous
(A18) Additional Taxes/Fees
(A4) Already Paid
(A17) Baggage Storage
(A14) Breakfast Included
(A21) Cash Required
(A20) Check Date/Time
(A13) Check In
(A12) City Pass
(A11) Dinner Included
(A16) Directions
(A8) Dress Code
(A10) Lunch Included
(A15) Need to Contact
(A5) Need to Pay
(A19) Notify Arrival Time
(A9) Reserve
(A7) Travel Pass
(A6) Ticket

Example of inserting the indicator into the text.

Simply enter (A2) into the text where you want the alert to display.

For the Checkbox Symbols: and , they are only graphic icons and are non-interactive.  It is not possible to click a checkbox graphic to alter the 'checked' state.

The following example shows an activity having an alert set at the activity level as well as an alert inserted into the Pre-Trip Activity Notes.  The indicators do not need to be the same.  It's possible to insert any number and combination of alerts into the text area.

On the Booking Activity Details page, you may select an Alert to display at the activity level header as shown above.  You may also insert alerts into the notes area of the activity.