Trip Tracker Help Trip Sharing Help

The Trip Tracker allows you to bookmark others trips that have been made public and shared with you.  Once you have bookmarked a trip, you will have single click access to view the trip's Public Trip Profile.

The trip owner still maintains full control of the trip and is able to update the trip details at any time.  The owner may change the information that is displayed as well as add or change the profile password.  If a password is added or changed, you must enter the current password for the trip to display.  If the owner disables public access, the trip will no longer display.

Adding trips to your Tracker

There are two ways you may add a trip to your personal tracker.

Option 1

On your Trip Tracker page, if you know a trip's Trip Key, you may enter it to add the trip to your tracker.  If the trip has been password protected, you must also enter password to bookmark the trip.

Option 2

You may also add a trip to your tracker when you are logged in to your account and viewing a trip's Public Profile Page.  On the Public Profile Page, you will have the option to select 'Save' and add the trip to your Tracker.

When you add a trip, the Added to Tracker by will show 'Yourself'.

Adding a personal trip to another member's Tracker

You may add your own trips to another member's Tracker on your Trip Sharing page.  To be able to add a trip to another member's Trip Tracker, they must have enabled the option Allow Trip Tracker Add on their 'My Account' page.

The Added to Tracker by will show the member's account id who added the trip to the tracker.

Hiding tracked trips in the mobile display

Just as you are able to select your own personal trip and on the Trip Details page, select to hide the trip in your mobile view, you may also set each tracked trip to display or be hidden in the list.

Trip Comments

If the trip owner has granted you the ability to comment on their trip from their Trip Sharing page, you will be able to enter comments from your Trip Tracker.  The indicator will display for the trip owner letting them know they have new messages.  Once the messages have been viewed, the indicator will reset .