Purchasing Additional Trips

Every account is created having 2 Available Trips.  Your 'My Account' and 'My Trips' pages will display the count of how many trips are available and in-use.

Based on the trips available, you need to create a new trip for it to display in your trip list.

To create a new trip, go to your 'My Trips' page and select 'Create New Trip'

Once a trip has been created, you will be able to add locations, activities, booking information and other details.

On your 'My Trip' page, you may 'Delete' a trip at anytime.  Deleting a trip will return it to your list of available trips.  You may also 'Clear' the trip to remove all trip information but maintaining the trip in your active trip list.

To purchase additional trips, logon and select your 'My Account' link.  On your 'My Account' page, select the link 'Shop Items & Services' where you will be able to choose several trip options.

Trips Cost Savings
1 Trip $4.99 N/A
2 Trips $9.48 $0.50
3 Trips $13.47 $1.50