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Trip Sharing allows you to share your trips with another members and set sharing options.  To add a trip to another member's Trip Tracker, you must know their account email and they must have the option Allow Trip Tracker Add enabled on their 'My Account' page.  Once a trip has been added, you may not remove it from their tracker.  Only the account owner may remove trips from their personal tracker.

When a trip has been shared with another member, they will have access to both the 'Public' and 'Mobile' trip profile views.  If a trip has been password protected, adding a trip will also provide the current trip password if applicable allowing them to access the trip.

The sharing screen will display the access settings for all members who are tracking your trip, whether you have shared the trip with them or they have added the trip to their tracker on their own.  Trip Access indicates the current status of the Public and Mobile profiles: Enabled or Disabled.  If Disabled, tracking members will not be able to display the associated profile.

The trip owner maintains the ability to enable/disable the mobile view, clear/sync both public and mobile passwords and enable/disable whether or not the tracking member can post comments to the trip.  The trip owner may also send email notifications of updates to selected tracking members.  Enabled options are indicated by the symbol while disabled options will have the symbol.

Add New Members to Your Trip
   Add Adding a new member will give them access to both the public and mobile trip profiles.  If applicable, public and mobile profile passwords will be synced so they are not required to know the password to display either profile.  A member's Trip Tracker will reflect the changes and provide links to both profiles.  Once a member has been added, you may only disable access to the mobile trip profile.  It is up to the member to remove the public profile from their Trip Tracker.
Public & Mobile Passwords
   Clear Clears the public or mobile passwords from a member's Trip Tracker.  This will clear the password from any member tracking the profile.  Tracking members will no longer be able to display the profile without knowing the current password.  If no password has been set, this will always show in Sync.

Note on clearing passwords from tracking members
Computers and Mobile Devices may store the last used password.  This option only clears the saved passwords from the selected tracking members.  If their device has saved the last used password, they may still be able to access the profiles if you have not changed the password.  You can save a new profile password and then sync it to selected tracking members.

Note when tracking members enter valid passwords
Whenever a tracking member enters a valid password for either the Mobile or Public trip profiles, their tracking account will be updated to reflect the current password.  Status will then show the passwords as synced.

   Sync Syncs the public or mobile passwords in a member's Trip Tracker.  If the profile password is changed, members tracking the profile will no longer have access without knowing the current password.  The 'Sync' setting will update the current password and will 'Enable' Mobile Access if it has been disabled.
Track Mobile Profile - (Changes do not affect the Public Profile tracking or passwords)
  Enable Enable access to the mobile trip profile display and syncs the current password if applicable.
   Disable Disable access to the mobile trip profile display and clears the current password if applicable.
Email on Updates - (Set whether or not a tracking member will receive emails when you make certain trip updates)
  Enable Enable Email on Updates
   Disable Disable Email on Updates
Member Can Comment - Set whether or not a tracking member is allowed to post comments to your trip.  This applies to entering comments using the Trip Tracker or the Mobile View.
  Enable Enable Member Comments
   Disable Disable Member Comments
Added to Tracker by
  Yourself You added your Public/Mobile Trip to another member's Trip Tracker using Trip Sharing.
   Member Another member added your Public Trip to their Trip Tracker.
Email Notification
  Email Sends an email to each selected member notifying them of your Trip Sharing updates.
Remove Tracking Members
  Remove Remove selected members from tracking your trip.

Sample Email

modusTravel - Trip Sharing

The trip owner has added/updated Trip Sharing for their trip.
Paris, Versailles, the Loire Valley and Mt. St. Michael

Trip Owner: <Trip Owner Email>

Public Profile Link: Click to View the Public Trip Profile
Public Trip Profile Access: <Public Trip Status>

Mobile Trip Profile Access: <Mobile Trip Status>

Mobile Trip Profile Access