Trip Builder - Activity Videos

In addition to Activity Photos, you may also link Videos to each activity.  We are integrated with YouTube allowing you to easily link a video that has been posted on YouTube by simply entering the Video Key on the activity booking page as described below.

When to use
  • Prior to your travels, you may have found a helpful video on a destination or activity that you would like to reference during your trip
  • When you return from your trip, if you have videos from your travel adventures, simply post them to YouTube and then enter the Video Key on the related trip booking page for the activity
Videos display on the activity pages of the Mobile Trip Profile.

Video display on the booking and trip summary pages

Videos display on the activity booking pages, the private and public trip summary pages and the Mobile Trip Profile.  You may also show or hide videos from any of the views by selecting the display options on the Trip Details page.

On the activity booking page, select the icon to take you to the Activity Videos page where you can link to videos and enter other video information.

On the website homepage, when a trip is selected, you may also select the icon to display the All Trip Activity Videos page.  This page will display all the linked videos for the entire trip including the location, activity, title, display options and description.

Linking a video to a trip activity
The Activity Videos page is access by selecting the icon from the activity booking page.  On this page, you may enter the Video Title, YouTube Video Key, Description and set Display Options.
YouTube Video Key Example

In this example, the video key is 7lvXbfNBIQg as shown at the end of the YouTube webpage address.
Mobile Trip Profile - Tip Activity Videos
When utilizing the Mobile Trip Profile, if you have linked videos to an activity, the icon will display with a count of how many videos are linked to the activity.

Selecting the icon will toggle the video display list.  If multiple videos have been linked, you may swipe right to scroll the video list.

Simply tap the video start symbol in the center of the video to begin playing.  As these are embedded YouTube videos, you may select the YouTube Logo to open the video in a new window on the YouTube site, or select the full screen symbol to play the video in full screen mode.