Trip Photos

Throughout our website you will find many travel photos from around the world.  We have used our own personal photos rather than finding stock photos on other websites.  As a result, some of our earlier photos taken on 35mm film may not appear as clear and sharp as the newer digital versions.

Although we had been traveling for years to locations throughout the United States, The Caribbean and Hawaii, we did not begin our European travel until 2001.  Back in 2001, we shot all our photos on 35mm film.  From 2002-2004 we were still using film but also had our photos saved to a Digital CD when developed.  In 2005 we finally made the transition to strictly digital photography.

As you will see going through our website, some earlier photos are not as crisp and clear as the later digital photos.

35mm Scanned Photo 35mm Photo Saved to Digital CD
Mont St. Michel Riomaggiore
France Cinque Terre, Italy
Digital Photo Digital Photo
San Gimignano Taj Mahal
Italy Agra, India