Website & Trip Security

We all know that websites are vulnerable to security breeches and everyone has concerns about the security of their personal information.  To help mitigate the security risk, we have limited the information that is directly tied to you.  In fact, it's possible to create your account as well as all your trips with absolutely no information tied directly to you.

Account Information

To create an account, you are only required to enter a login id (in email format) and a password.  No other information is required, not even your name.

Account Email Verification

When your account is created, you will receive a Welcome Email asking you to verify your account email address.  Certain features are not available unless your account email has been verified, such as the ability to create new trips and access the mobile features.

Trip Profile Information

It's possible to build a trip without entering any personal information so that only your itinerary is available.

Booking information can be entered so that it's not tied directly to you

For example, simply entering your booking confirmation number does not link it to you unless you enter all the other details of the booking.  Even then, someone would need to access the site where the booking was made to obtain other personal details.  Entering booking information is entirely optional and completely up to you.  During your trip, you probably want your booking information available, especially if you are accessing your trip using the Mobile Trip Profile.  Keep in mind that at anytime, especially after your trip has been completed, you may remove or update any of your trip information. 

Trip Sharing

Should you decide to share your Public or Mobile Trip Profiles with others, there are various Display Options that may be set to hide dates, cost, booking data and other information you want to remain private.

Saving Your Trip Details

On your 'My Trips' page:

Select 'Save Trip' to display an expanded view of all your trip details where you may then save your entire trip including photos to your local computer.

Securing Your Trip

On your 'My Trips' page:

Select 'Secure Trip' to display a page where you may select several different options to remove details from your trip at the Trip, Location and Activity levels.

Best Practice

If you are concerned about your personal information, enter only the information you absolutely require into your profile.  Once you have completed your trip, remove information you no longer require.

Information Collected

We do not collect any personal information including your name, address or credit card numbers as they are not necessary to use our services.