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For both pre-trip planning and helping to navigate to your desired sites and activities, maps play a crucial part in any trip.

Plan your trip by researching your locations using map images, creating custom maps highlighting locations, marking and bringing physical maps with you providing a complete view of all your locations and using your phones GPS Navigation taking you directly to your desired locations.
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Creating Custom Maps Pre-Travel

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At times, you may want to make your own custom maps highlighting locations such as rail stations, hotels, restaurants and other areas sites.  There are many different graphic programs available allowing you to take screen shots, alter them and then save the changes to an image on your computer.  Once saved, the image can then be uploaded to a trip activity.hen be uploaded to a trip activity.hen be uploaded to a trip activity.

Here we go through the basic steps when using a Windows PC that will allow you to capture an image on your screen, alter it, save it to file then upload it to an activity.

On the booking page for each activity, select to upload images to the selected activity.

During your travels, use your mobile device to view your uploaded photos.  Select to upload your own photos to an activity.  Once a photo has been uploaded, it will immediately become available for viewing by anyone tracking or sharing your mobile and public trip views as long as 'photo viewing' has been enabled.

You may enter the Google Map web address directly into a trip activity on the Booking Page at the location allowing you to use your phones GPS Navigation with single click access from your Mobile Trip Profile to guide you directly to your destination.

On the Activity Photos Booking Page, select the option 'Print Preview - Large Format' so that maps are printed in the larger version making them easier to read.  From your m easier to read.  From your m easier to read.  From your Trip Summary page, select 'Print Preview' and then 'Print' your trip to bring along with you as a hard-copy backup.

Steps to Create Your Custom Map

(1) Find Your Map
Use a mapping website such as Google Maps to find your location.

Zoom in to the desired level of detail.

Depending on your goal, show familiar landmarks such as the rail station where you will arrive or your hotel, giving you a frame of reference.

Hit your keyboard Print Screen 'Print Scr' button to copy what is currently displayed on your screen.

(2) Copy and Paste the Screen Map Image
If you are running Windows, on the task bar type in 'mspaint' and hit enter to start the Microsoft's Paint program.  If you have your own graphics program, start it as the process should be similar.

After the program starts, 'Paste' your screenshot into the application.

(3) Adjust the Image
Click the 'Select' button then draw a rectangle over the area of the map you want to cutout and save.

Select 'Crop' to cutout the rectangle area or select 'Cut' then 'Paste' to paste the cutout area back into the application.

(4) Highlight Map Locations
Using the application menu, select a shape and color then draw on the map to highlight the locations you plan to visit.  You can use different colors and shapes to highlight sites such as hotels, museums, castles, etc.

Select the 'A' Text Icon then click on the area of the map you would like to add additional text.

(5) Save the Map Image
Once your map is complete, save it to your computer.
(6) Upload & Customize the Map Options
Upload the map image to the selected trip activity.

Customize how the map will display when printed, on Public and Mobile profile views and on the Slideshow presentation.

You may find it useful to create maps of the same location at different zoom levels giving you a birds eye view as well as a close-up view showing details such as street names and other landmarks.