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For both pre-trip planning and helping to navigate to your desired sites and activities, maps play a crucial part in any trip.

Plan your trip by researching your locations using map images, creating custom maps highlighting locations, marking and bringing physical maps with you providing a complete view of all your locations and using your phones GPS Navigation taking you directly to your desired locations.
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Map Images Pre-Travel

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It's always a good idea to carry printed maps of the locations you will be visiting.  Printed tourist maps are easy to read and will serve as a backup should something happen to your Smartphone where you have saved map links.  Do some research to find tourist maps listing the attractions for the locations you are visiting.  On the maps, circle your arrival/departure points such as the train or bus stations as well as your hotel location if applicable.  Circle the tourist attractions you plan to visit and highlight important routes you will take such as from your arrival point to your hotel.  Write your hotel address, reservation number and other important information on the back of the map.t information on the back of the map.

Website for maps

You can simply Google something like 'Prague Tourist Map' to find maps similar to the one below but a couple of our favorite map sites are Mappery and On The World Map.

Mappery      On The World Map
Prague, Czech Republic

Your hotel or other attractions

You may not think much about it, but you should make special note of where you will be arriving in a city and how you will get to your hotel.  In larger cities such as Rome, you may be arriving at a specific point such as the Rome Termini Train Station where you will need to take the Metro (Subway) to a specific stop where you will exit and then walk to your hotel.  Have a plan and know your route!

Metro Map - Rome, Italy

It can be helpful to zoom in and print a more detailed map page showing for example your hotel location with street names.  If required, print a map or several pages showing your arrival location and hotel highlighting your route noting the streets you will take and intersections you will cross.

Prague Detail Map

When you have completed your activities for each location, discard your maps as you go, or bring them home with you for scrapbooking your travels or as a reminder for future trips.

modusTravel Mobile Trip Profile

Hopefully you have planned your trip using our Trip Builder and plan to utilize the features of our Mobile Trip Profile on your Smartphone to guide you throughout your entire trip.

When you build your trip, save map links to your hotel and other attractions allowing you to navigate to them with a single click.