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For both pre-trip planning and helping to navigate to your desired sites and activities, maps play a crucial part in any trip.

Plan your trip by researching your locations using map images, creating custom maps highlighting locations, marking and bringing physical maps with you providing a complete view of all your locations and using your phones GPS Navigation taking you directly to your desired locations.
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Mobile Maps (designed for use with Google Maps) Pre-Travel

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The most powerful mapping functionality available is to use your phones GPS Navigation to guide you directly to your desired destination.directly to your desired destination.directly to your desired destination..directly to your desired destination.

As you build your trip and are entering your booking information for each activity, complete the text area for the Map Link as required.  The Map link will allow you to easily use your phone's GPS Navigation to guide you to your destination while using our Mobile Trip Profile.  The following example shows the simple steps to configure each activity to use your phone's navigation.

Suppose you are staying at the '101 Guesthouse in Reykjavik Iceland'.  You will be arriving by bus from the airport and then will be walking to your hotel.  Although you can pay to have the bus drop you off directly in front of your hotel, you have decided to save a few dollars and be dropped off a the bus terminal and walk the short distance to your hotel.  For this walk, you want to use your phones GPS Navigation to take you directly to your hotel.

Be sure to see our pages on GPS Navigation for additional information on using your phone for Navigation and Web & Map Links for additional information on entering links for websites and map locations.

Steps for using Google Maps to generate a physical map link to be pasted into map link text areas
1. In your search engine, enter '101 Guesthouse Reykjavik Iceland' and you will see a display similar to the following:
2. Click on the map area to get an expanded display of the area with your hotel marked.
3. When using Google Maps, obtain the abbreviated browser address by clicking the 3 horizontal lines in the menu bar.


4. From the popup menu, select 'Share or embed map'.
5. Select 'COPY LINK' to copy the 'Link to Share' address.

6. Paste the link into the Map text box on the 'Booking' page for the selected activity.
As you travel and access the Mobile Trip Profile for a selected activity, the icon will appear if you have entered a web address into the map text area as described above.

Select the icon to activate your phone's GPS Navigation, guiding you from your current location directly to your destination.