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For both pre-trip planning and helping to navigate to your desired sites and activities, maps play a crucial part in any trip.

Plan your trip by researching your locations using map images, creating custom maps highlighting locations, marking and bringing physical maps with you providing a complete view of all your locations and using your phones GPS Navigation taking you directly to your desired locations.
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Side-by-Side Map Attractions (for Activities & Checklists) Pre-Travel

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Using Side-by-Side Map Attractions is the quickest and easiest method of viewing and tracking the attractions you would like to visit.  This functionality integrates the use of Google Maps with attraction markers side-by-side with our Trip Builder Activities or Checklist pages.

See our page Trip Builder: Side-by-Side Map Attractions for additional detailed information on setting up the side-by-side process for tracking Attractions in your trip Activities and Checklists.
By aligning the Google Attractions Map alongside the Trip Activities or Checklists pages, you may easily add the attractions you want to visit at each location.  It's even possible to highlight an attraction and drag it from Google Maps over to the Trip Builder.
Side-by-Side Attractions Viewing & Entry
Open the Google Attractions Map in New Window Position Pages Side-by-Side
From the Booking Activities or Checklist pages, at the 'Location' or 'Activity' levels, hold the <Shift> key down while Clicking on the (Location Search - Attractions) icon to open Google Maps showing location markers for area attractions. After Google Maps has been opened in a new window, position the Booking Page window on either side of your screen by clicking the Window Header and dragging the window to one side of the screen allowing the window to snap into place.  Do the same with t page on the opposite side of the screen.  (See example screen shots below)

Side-by-Side view at the Activity Checklist level showing Attractions Map
The same can be done at the Trip Builder: Activities Level when you are entering activities for a specific location.  Perform the same Side-by-Side actions described above by holding the <Shift> key down while clicking the icon, then position the screens side-by-side.

Different from the checklist, entering attractions at the activity level will allow you to enter additional information for each item on the related Booking Details page.
Side-by-Side view at the Activity level showing Attractions Mapw at the Activity level showing Attractions Map