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This page provides a high-level overview with links to pages outlining the steps to follow when you are considering a trip.

Start with Planning & Research before entering your trip details into the different areas of the Trip Planner. Prioritize and complete your bookings then print and share your trip with others.
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modusTravel - The Art of Travel
Trip Planner Overview: Planning & Research, Bookings and other trip actions

Planning & Research is the first step when you are considering travel to a new destination.  In this phase, you will be writing down all the locations you may want to visit, along with transportation options and location activities.

Once you have decided on your trip locations, create a new trip on your My Trips page then proceed to the other areas where you will enter your Main Trip Details, Locations, Activities, Nights, Departure Date and other information.

After you trip information has been entered, prioritize the activities that required the activities that required Booking.  As you complete each activity booking, track the information on the booking details pages.

When you have completed entering your trip details, you should print your trip from the Trip Summary / Print Preview page and bring it with you as a backup.

Configure the information you want to access using the Mobile Trip Profile and the information that will display on the Public Trip Profile if you will be sharing your trip with others.

Trip Planner Example
See an actual trip on our Trip Planner Example page. Here we walk you through an example of planning a trip to a primary destination including two day-trips and an overnight excursion.

Trip Planner: Planning & Research
The planning and research phase may be the most important part of your trip.  This where you discover where you want to go and what you want to do.  Keep in mind that depending on your trip, it may take weeks to finalize your trip details.  Take your time and don't rush so you do not overlook something.  During this phase, you will note details such as locations to visit, transportation and travel time between locations as well as the activities you want to experience.  You will also estimate the amount of time you think you will require at each location to accomplish all you plan to see and do.

More details are available in our Pre-Travel Research Area to help with researching your trip.

See our Planning & Research page for a detailed example of how to starting planning a trip.

Trip Planning & Research is an interactive process.  You can begin entering your trip information into the Trip Planner at any time.  You will be constantly adjusting your locations, activities, dates and times until you have created the trip that works for you.  Helping to guide you through the process, we have listed the steps to follow in a logical order to get you started.

It's important to note that you may update any of your trip details at any time, although once you begin making actual bookings tired to a specific date, changes will become more restrictive.

Trip Planner Steps
1 My Trips Create a new trip or select and edit existing trips.

2 Trip Details Set the main trip details and how you want to share your trip with others.

3 Locations Select the countries and enter the locations you plan to visit.  Several quick-access icons allow you to easily view information about each location.

Location attractions map
Location photos
Location news
Location info

4 Activities For each of your locations, enter your planned activities such as Accommodations, Transportation, Attractions and Other Activities.

5 Nights & Departure Date Set the trip departure date and the number of nights required at each location to accomplish all that you plan to see and do.

6 Manage Booking Priorities Manage the priorities of the activities that require booking so that you can book the most important activities first.

7 Booking Details Track the booking details for each of your activities.  See our Booking page for more information on entering your booking details.

8 Travel Planner Set the amount of time you plan to stay at each location and the travel time, transportation type, departure and arrival times between locations.
Additional Trip Planner Features
  Location Activity Groups Create Activity Groups for each location allowing you to group related activities together. Color coding provides an easy way to recognize related activities.

  Trip Cost Summary The total cost of your trip broken down by location and activity.

  Trip Sharing Share your trips with friends and family.
Additional Trip Actions
Mobile Trip Profile
Once you have finalized your trip, use your Smartphone to logon to our mobile website using your same account id and password to view your trip using the Mobile Trip Profile.

On your My Trips page, you must configure the Mobile Trip Profile to display as well as set the information you want available to you during your trip.

The Trip Sharing page allows you to control whether or not other members can access the trip's Mobile Trip Profile on their mobile device when they are logged in to their account.

Public Trip Profile
If you plan to share your trip with others, on your My Trips page, you must configure the Public Trip Profile to display as well as set the information you want available to others.

To share the Public Trip Profile with others, access the Trip Sharing page when your trip is selected.  On the page, you will be able to send others a personal email invite to view your trip.

The Trip Sharing page will also allow you to control whether or not others can access the trip's Public Trip Profile.  It is not necessary to be logged in or a website member to view public trip profiles.

Print your trip
Before your departure it's very important to print your trip from the Trip Summary page.  For a well defined trip containing maps and booking information, it is invaluable to bring a back-up copy of all your information should something happen to your phone.

From the Trip Summary page, select the Print Preview link.  From that page, simply print your trip in a nicely formatted version.

Download your trip for offline viewing
Before your departure, using the Mobile Trip Profile on your Smartphone, select the icon to view the entire trip in an expanded view.

In this view, select your Smartphone option to download and save the page.  This will give you an offline backup copy on your mobile device of your entire trip itinerary; including photos.  Having an offline copy will allow you to access all your trip information even when you do not have mobile service or an internet connection.

See our Mobile Trip Profile - Expanded page for detailed information on downloading and displaying your trip offline.