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Now that your trip is complete and you have returned home with your photos and memories, what's next? It’s time to document your experience! Memories will fade over time, so creating a place to review your photos and trip comments is essential to keep the memories alive. Don’t put it off, get to work immediately creating a place to document all that you were able to see and experience.
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Post-Travel Activities

Consider posting your photos to a personal website along with notes on all that you experienced.

Although you can post photos to your Trip Profile and add comments in the Post-Trip areas, you can do much more having a website dedicated specifically to your personal travel adventures.

Simply posting photos and comments to social media websites like Facebook does not get the job done.

There are many loctions offering free websites and tools that will assist you in creating your own personal website.  It's actually very inexpensive to purchase your own domain name and have a website hosted by an Internet Service Provider such as GoDaddy.

Years ago when we moved to England for a period of 3 years, we devoted as much time as we could to travel, trying to visit a different country every month as well as locations around the UK.  We wanted to share our travel experiences with family and friends so we created a website specifically for travel.

Eddie actually has a personal website for his artwork BigDogGalleries and to avoid additional expenses, just created a sub-directory called Travel where we posted our photos and comments.  Over the years the website has evolved as we became more proficient on organizing our photos and the details and comments we posted.

As this is our personal site, it takes you away from the modusTravel website and is an entirely different presentation format from what you see here.

Link to photos and notes on our personal travel website
2018 France & Switzerland

Personal Photos & Notes Website Link

  Grindelwald Switzerland
  The balcony of our hotel room with an Eiger view

Creating a website and posting your photos and comments may seem like a lot of work...and it can be...but we think you will find it very rewarding.  We often go back and review trips we took years ago and it's so nice to have all the information out there including photos and comments that bring back such good memories.

As you create new pages for your trips, it can be very fun deciding on the photos and comments you will post out your experiences.  You don't have to be a professional blogger, just keep it fun and write about the things you want to remember.  The sooner you create your site after you return from your trip the better as memories will still be fresh in your mind.  Even after you have completed it, you may find that additional things pop into your head and you can always go back and edit or add additional comments.

Of course, once you have your site created, share it with your own friends and family members.

Create a Christmas Card with some of your favorite travel photos

Another fun thing to do is to create your own custom Christmas Card featuring some of the best photos from your trip.  You will find several websites where you can upload photos and position them along with text to create your card.  We used VistaPrint for the card below.

When using multiple photos as we have, it's much easier to use some type of photo editing software on your personal computer to create the card.  Save the entire collage of photos as a single image.

For this card, we created both a front and back image that uploaded them to the website.

Our 2018 Christmas Card Front & Back

Cook something! You no doubt experienced many different types of food during your travels. Why not try to recreate some of the meals you had? If you have photos of your meals, use them as a reference. You may have purchased a cookbook during your travels, but if not, look for recipes online.

We learned to make crepes after our first trip to Paris after buying them from a street vendor. We have made different types of pizza from scratch after having them in Italy and the thin pizzas of the Alsace area of France. On a trip to Rye England for scallop week, we recreated a meal of scallops, bacon and potatoes with cream sauce.

Alsace Style Pizza - France
Alsace Version Our Version
Scallops - Rye England
Rye Version Our Version