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Helping you plan your trip, the Pre-Travel Area provides detailed information on multiple topics.

Pre-Travel Topics provide single click access to websites and other information helping you plan and book your trip. Learn about Travel Warnings, Weather, Time Zones, Cost, Maps and more for all your travel destinations.
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eTripCafe - The Art of Travel
Pre-Travel Research & Planning

Planning & Research Example
Follow an example of planning a multi-country trip having several cities and modes of transportation.
Destination Research Examples
Examples and links to websites helping you research your destinations.
Destination Research Ideas
Additional ideas to consider when researching a destination's sites and activities.
Transportation - Search & Booking
Information and links to help research and book your transportation.
Accommodations-Search & Booking
Information and links to help research and book your accommodations.
Travel Shows & History
Watch travel shows and documentaries to learn about travel destinations, activities and history.
Guide Books & Notes
There is nothing like a good guide book for research and to bring along while on your trip.
Train Schedules
Researching train schedules prior to your departure.
Warnings, Weather & Time

Travel Warnings
Be prepared by reviewing government travel warnings and other information.
Links and information for current and forecasted weather around the world.
World Time Zones
Links and interactive World Time Zone map.
Trip Cost

Search & Pricing
How websites obtain and publish fares for tour packages, flights and hotels.
Trip Cost Estimator
See an example of what a trip may cost depending on the trip activities selected.

Mapping Methods Overview
From old school to electronic, an overview of the different mapping possibilities.
Interactive Map Search
Quickly pinpoint areas of interest, view location news, view location/activity photos and plan travel routes between locations.
Side-by-Side Map Attractions
The quickest and easiest method of viewing and tracking the attractions you would like to visit.
Map Images
Links and information for using map images.
Physical Maps
Links and information for physical maps of major cities.
Custom Maps
Create your own Custom Maps using Online Maps and your computers graphics application.
Mobile GPS Map Navigation
Our Mobile Trip Builder and your phones GPS Map Navigation takes you directly to your desired destination.
Offline Maps
Using an offline map saves on network usage, increases response time and ensures you have a map of the area should there be limited or no mobile service.
Multi-Destination Maps
Use Google Maps to create a single map showing multiple destinations and travel information.
Location Sharing
Use Google Maps to track the location in real time of others you are traveling with.
Google Maps Tips & Tricks
A few Google Maps tips explaining some useful functions that will help you during your travels.