There are basically two things to consider concerning jewelry.  First, consider what you are bringing with you and Wearing while your are traveling and second, what you may be Purchasing.

Gold Souk - Dubai, UAE

A Souk is a commercial quarter in an Arab city. The term is often used to designate the market in any Arabized city.


When you travel, leave your valuables behind.  Be safe and don't become a victim of theft or take the chance of loosing your valuables while you are traveling.

When we travel, we leave wedding rings and other valuables behind, often in our bank safe deposit box.  On a trip to Greece, we found several shops in Athens selling inexpensive silver rings with Greek designs that we purchased and now wear when we travel.  These rings are very nice but do not have the value of our original rings.

The rings now serve as a reminder of the trip to Greece and when we slip them on, they help to put us into our travel mode getting us ready and excited for an upcoming trip.


Of course you will find locations in towns all around Europe where you are able to purchase gold, jewelry, leather and practically anything else you may be interested in.  When purchasing gold and jewelry, use your best judgment.  You don't want to return home only to find that you were taken advantage of by paying too much for a diamond that turned out to be fake or the gold is now wearing off your supposedly sold gold ring.

Look for reputable locations in popular areas that are known for the quality and the products they sell.  You should do some research ahead of time looking for customer comments, seller reputation and of course get an idea of what certain types of jewelry or gold would sell for in your home location so you are able to make informed decisions.

Rialto Bridge - Venice, Italy Ponte Vecchio - Florence, Italy

Some popular shopping areas for gold, jewelry and other items are located on famous bridges in Venice and Florence