Wear OS Smartwatch

First, a little about Wear OS.  We have included a link to Wikipedia as well as the Wear OS website.  Simply put, Wear OS is a device you wear (Watch) that is smart, meaning it's running an operating system that allows it to run apps and connect to other devices such as your smartphone to interact with.

Wear OS by Google
From Wikipedia, Wear OS, also known as Wear OS by Google and previously called Android Wear, is a version of Google's Android operating system designed for smartwatches and other wearables.  By pairing with mobile phones running Android version 4.3 or newer, or iOS version 8.2 or newer, Wear OS integrates Google Assistant technology and mobile notifications into a smartwatch...

The focus of this page is primarily on using your Smartwatch paired with your Smartphone to access Google Maps on the Watch for navigation.

We are all about making travel simple and more enjoyable.  We have all seen people walking around holding their Smartphone out in front of them as they follow along navigation to wherever it is they may be going.  In tourist destinations, you see it everywhere.  There is nothing wrong with this as long as you pay attention to what your doing and avoid walking into other people, brick walls or water fountains.  In fact, we do this same thing in a new location when we arrive and will be walking trying to find your hotel or some other activity on your itinerary.

We got to thinking: How can we make the task of navigation easier?.  After a lot of research, we finally purchased a Smartwatch and gave it a try.  It only took a short time to figure it out and learn how to follow along using the watch instead of our phone.  Once we did that, we decided to purchase some Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds to make it even easier.  There are a lot of benefits to using a Smartwatch instead of your phone, some of which we have listed below.  Keep in mind, that you still need to have your Smartphone with you for your internet access.  The phone will be paired with your Smartwatch allowing your to use Google Maps to navigate.

Some benefits of navigating using a smartwatch and earbuds
We found that we pay more attention to what we are doing when using our watch rather than staring at our phone
Your hands are free as you are not holding your phone
Earbuds allow you to hear navigation directions even when your phone is in your pocket
No one will swipe the watch off your wrist like they could a phone in your hand
Your watch displays directions in text as well as shows you the route
In addition to navigation, you can easily view messages and reply back to them without having to take out your phone
How it works...
Once you have paired the watch with your Smartphone, here is all you need to do.

Access your trip on your Smartphone using the Mobile Trip Profile and click the navigate icon for your next destination such as your hotel or other attraction.  This will start GPS Navigation on your phone which will also active the map navigation on your watch.

Now, stick your phone in your pocked and follow the route using your watch; it's that easy!

Practice at your home location to familiarize yourself with using the watch to navigate.  Select a location you can walk to and follow along using the watch and listening with the earbuds if you have decided to use them.

See our page: Earbuds (Wired & Wirless) for using earbuds while navigating using your Wear OS Watch.


There are several different versions of the TicWatch available, each with some slightly different features and there are other manufactures of Wear OS watches.  We have the E2 model and are very happy with it for the price point (bought on sale), the functionality it provides and especially for the GPS Navigation when paired to our Smartphone.

Keep in mind that using your phone with a Smartwatch, earbuds and bluetooth can more quickly drain the batteries of your devices.  This is another reason to carry a Battery Backup to recharge your devices on the go.

TicWatch E2 Smartwatch by Mobvoi

Mobvoi Website

  • Full Function Wear OS by Google Smartwatch
  • 24 Hour Heart Rate Monitor
  • Google Play Store allows you to choose from a wide range of your favorite apps and to access them from your wrist
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android phones
  • Stay in the moment with smart ways to receive notifications and see who's calling, without pulling out your phone
  • Google Assistant built-in
  • Swim-ready Water-resistant - Your swimming companion with up to 50 meter underwater waterproof (5 ATM)
  • 24hr HRM and Build-in GPS
  • Workout without your phone - Google Fit and TicMotion make it easy to get motivated, stay balanced and track your health right from your wrist
  • Customize Your Own Style - Easily personalize your watch by changing the watch face and switching out the straps