Christmas Markets

For a different kind of travel experience, consider a trip during the holiday season to experience the European Christmas Markets.

Depending on where you live, your town may already have some type of Christmas Market. For example, in Colorado the city of Denver will host a European style market on the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall. The market is small with only a few stalls selling traditional items found at the European markets. They are however authentic as the people running them are from the countries of Poland, Russia and other locations. They are also pricier due to the location outside of their country. Overall it is a nice experience, but it does not compare to the actual European Markets. In a setting of modern buildings, there is now way to duplicate the atmosphere of a market in an older or medieval European city.

Rothenburg, Germany

Throughout Europe, there are endless towns with markets to experience.  When considering a trip, you may want to visit the markets in several different locations.  On one trip we flew to Munch Germany for their market before traveling by train to Nuremburg having one of the largest markets in Germany.  From there, it's not difficult to make a few train connections and arrive at the medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber which is always a magical town to experience any time of year, but especially during the Christmas season.

Munich, Germany Nuremberg, Germany

Christmas Markets can be found all over Europe, from small towns to major cities. Each market will be different having their own unique local crafts, Christmas items and food.

The Tivoli - Copenhagen, Denmark

Be sure to sample the local food such as pastries, roasted nuts, sausage, cheese, beer, cider and of course Gluhwein, a sweet mulled wine simmered with spices and sugar served warm. Many places will serve Gluhwein in their local small Christmas mug often in the shape of a boot which you may keep as a souvenir.

Gluhwein (Mulled Spiced Wine) - Nuremberg, Germany