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Links to websites for current weather and forecasts around the world will help you be prepared wherever you go by knowing the seasonal averages and current conditions.
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Not all weather websites or apps are the same and their forceasting can be quite different.

On a trip through Switzerland, we were checking the weather for upcoming stops on our itinerary.

In one case, when checking the weather in Zermatt a few days before our arrival, we found showing temps in the 50's with clouds and rain while was showing temps in the 70's and sunny.

Fortunately for us, AccuWeather was correct and we had beautiful weather in Zermatt as shown in our photo of The Matterhorn below.

AccuWeather seems to be more accurate and for that reason it is our Weather App of choice.  A link to the App can be found on our mobile apps page.

The Matterhorn
Zermatt Switzerland