Mobile Trip Profile - Activity Photo Timeline

As you travel and upload photos to your trip activities, they become part of the Activity Photo Timeline.  Select the icon to display the Timeline.  Photos uploaded to activities using the website are not included in the Timeline.

The Timeline allows you to scroll through all photos, ordered by date/time (Trip travel order), that you have uploaded to your trip activities using your mobile device.  Along with each photo, the location, activity and date/time the photo was uploaded will display.  Later, using the website on the 'Booking - Activity Photos' page, you may add a title and description to your photos that will also display in the Timeline.

Selecting the icon will take you to the related activity in the Mobile View.  Select / for each photo then 'Remove Selected' to delete Timeline photos.

See the Activity Photo Upload page for details on using your Smartphone to select an activity and upload photos to be included in the Timeline.

Activity Photo Timeline Activity Photo Upload
Timeline shows photos in the order they were uploaded with the location, activity and upload date/time. Photos uploaded to activities using your Smartphone will be included in the timeline.