Promo Codes

Promo codes apply to different website features such as extending the time of your Mobile Subscription or to add additional Trips to your account.

Every new account is created having 2 Trips and a 5 Consecutive Day Mobile Subscription Free Trial.

When you are logged in to your account, go to your 'My Account' page to view the status of your Trips and Mobile Subscription.  Here you will find links to the promo code page to check the status of a code and apply any codes you may have.

You are never required to make a purchase to apply a promo code.

On the promo code page, enter the code and select 'Verify' to display details and check the status of the code.  Select 'Apply' to apply the code to your account.  You will be asked to confirm and select 'Apply' again before the promo code is applied to your account.  When a promo code is applied, the transaction will be logged to your account's Transaction & Payment History.

Each unique promo code may only be applied once to your account.

If a Mobile Subscription promo code is applied to your account while the Mobile Subscription Free Trial is available, the Free Trial will be disabled and the Mobile Subscription will begin from the current date to the promo code value.  If a Mobile Subscription promo code is applied to an already active subscription, the promo code value will be appended to the remaining time of the current subscription.